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"Lake Union"

View From An Open Window In Fremont

Windchimes, miniature blue and pink Chinese pagodas, chink, plink and sway on my back porch near bamboo curtains.

They move in the white-blue, almost still air of spring.

Above the chimes the Aurora bridge- monumental, concrete gray, abuts this subtle landscape.

An occasional pedestrian is silhouetted crossing the bridge. The cars are few, it's Sunday after all

and my cats are sleeping.

"Walmer Location, South Africa"

The Shutter

The concrete block houses covered the hardpacked land.

You had come to photograph the people. They wore their cotton best; used precious water to clean their children's faces.

When they looked into the camera they held their breath so their spirits would not escape into your shutter.

Three generations of women and no men. This is the way it ends.